Where it all starts- THE BRAIN

“We’ve learned more about the Brain the the past 5 years than in the past 5000”

Today we watched a History Channel production called The Brain” (2008). There were quite a few of what TOK calls “knowledge issues” in the film? Can you identify some of them?

This is entertaining (also from History):



Assignment: After commenting on some of the knowledge issues in the film, your task is to hone in on one of the topics addressed in the documentary and find a relevant article or video clip which explores that topic in more depth.

POST the article link (use Diigo to save) or EMBED the video on your PERSONAL BLOG JOURNAL, then briefly summarize what it’s about (in the intro) and try to tease out any knowledge issues. You might even want to pose a few questions. Does it make you wonder even further?

For Help: you might want to refer to my Prezi in a previous blog regarding what knowledge issues are and how to find them and construct them as questions.

***note: since the film was produced in 2008, try to find something more recent- the favorite site links on the home page will help, as will Google advanced search.

This PBS streaming video site might help! I searched “brain” and look what came up!


Fear and Panic

Nerves and Stress


Risk Response

Moral Decisions

The Evil Mind

Memory Capacity


Sports Psychology

Extrasensory Perception

The Next Leap (biotech)- technology and the brain















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