More Neuroscience…I.D. the K.I.s

For fun:


Also fun: Visualizing the brain through History:



See if you can identify knowledge issues in the following:

Finns try to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder by shining light in their ears:

Addiction: It’s a brain disorder, not a behavior problem:

Why the film “Limitless” and a Buick ad got the brain all wrong:

VIDEO: Mixed Feeling – a blind man sees with his tongue

Dr. Ramachandran’s TED talk- the Neuroscience of Being Human:

Brain Culture: How Neuroscience Became a Pop Culture Obsession:

Is the Internet Warping Our Brains?

The Neuroscience of Tetris:

Brain treats unwanted synapses as like invading microbes:

Humor and Memory

Are Smart People Getting Smarter?

Unlearning Pain

IBM Produces first brain chips

What do Neuroscientists Think About?

5 Mind Blowing Ways Memory Plays Tricks on You

Deepak Chopra – How Videogames Can Accelerate Brain Development

How the Brain Remembers 9/11

The Psychology of Good and Evil

Brain Bugs: Glorious Imperfections of Our Brains

How to Hack Your Memory

Your Brain is What You Eat


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