Wrapping up “The Brain”

Wow, that was an intense film! While it’s still fresh in YOUR brain, please write a reflection and use the following to guide you.

1. Try to pinpoint some implications (positive and negative) of the “knowledge” acquired.

2. How did the film address the following?

– where the knowledge came from (experiments? studies? observation?)

– how knowledge is acquired / stored (role of emotion, senses, memory, reasoning, etc.)

– problems (bias? stereotyping? faulty reasoning? assumptions?)

– how claims could affect other disciplines or how they relate to the “linking questions” such as belief, certainty, ethics, technology, etc.)

3. Finally, what are some additional questions, concerns, personal thoughts and reactions you have to any of the topics addressed? What was the most interesting thing to you and is something you might want to research further? Have you any personal connections to the claims made (example: have you ever felt , while playing sports, you were in “the zone”?)


After, you will be checking out a partner’s blog and making comments on their articles/videos and questions.

Finally, groups will investigate an article and identify the following:

– the knowledge claims made

– who is making them?

– how are they justifying their claims? (experiments? studies?)

– what are some possible issues you might see with their claims?

– what are the possible implications of these findings (pos and neg)?


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