Finishing up your Movie Project

Now that you’ve worked so hard on your “This I Believe” video essay, you will need to post it to your blog.

We’ll be creating  special “PAGE” in Posterous for “Projects”. This is a stagnant page, unlike blog posts, that has a fixed spot in your navigation (which may vary by theme). Throughout the 2 years we’ll be adding to this page as we go. For each project, you will need to:

1. Provide a brief overview of the assignment and why you chose to do it in the way you did.

2. Reflect on what you learned from the project (this could be some deep cognitive thing or even discussing trouble-shooting techniques).

Here’s a tutorial I created in Quicktime Screencast and iMovie for creating a page:


How do you export your iMovie so you can post on your blog? Here ya go…




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