Wrapping up the ‘This I Believe’ Film Project

How would you assess yourself on this criteria, which is from the TOK presentation set of criteria…?


1. Please decide what you’d give yourself and include it in the reflection area where you’ve posted your film on your blog.

2. Then, please send me a message as to which belief statement (must be a phrase or 1 sentence) you would prefer me to use on your poster.

3. Finally, provide comments on at least 2 other films (does not have to be in your class period), and reply to the Schoology post regarding film awards. So far the categories are “Most Poignant”, “Best Conceived”, “Most Creative”, “Best Wow Factor”, and “Most Thought-Provoking”. Please nominate specific films (or your own) for these categories and, if you think of another great category, let me know. Winners will receive yummy candy and a certificate.





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