The New Meritocracy: Color-Coded Student ID Cards

Wow, is this full of knowledge issues!

(Video at KTLA, in case the embed doesn’t work)


So what do you think? It’s interesting how the colors were chosen as well, since “black” equals the best, most positive, and “white” has the negative connotations.

Is this segregation or motivation? Can you analyze the different persepctives of all parties involved?

Is this a violation of students’ privacy, or should your job performance as a student be recognized?

Also, what are the implications of knowledge of one’s academic performance? Certainly, in this case, students who achieve at higher levels reap the benefits, if only shorter lunch lines and free football games.


Read some more about the case in these two articles and PLEASE check out viewer comments:

EdWeek Teacher: Color-Coded ID cards Sort by Test Performance

OC Register: Student IDs that reveal Test Scores Deemed Illegal

OC Register: Principal Defends Student ID Cards


Even their binders were color-coded.



Assignment: Write a brief reflection of your own thoughts on this issue after reading through the materials and discussion perspectives with your peers. Try to tease out some knowledge questions/ issues related to the topic.


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