TOK Iron Chef! (a sensory experiment)

As we conclude our exploration of the various senses and Sense Perception as a Way of Knowing, let’s experiment and celebrate with an “Iron Chef” type of activity!


Class Period 1:

1. In partner groups, brainstorm a list of 2 “Savory” ingredients and 2 “Sweet” ingredients and write them on the Google Spreadsheet here:

CLICK HERE FOR THE SPREADSHEET (be sure you’re logged in to your mail) 

Afterwards, we’ll draw names out of a hat. When you are chosen, you will get to choose your ingredients – ANY TWO INGREDIENTS FROM ANY CATEGORY (that’s correct, you can have 2 sweet or 2 savory or 1 each, but your dish has to include BOTH so be sure to think about that)

2. Partner groups devise a LIST OF JUDGING CRITERIA. You will either get “Aesthetics”, “Taste”, “Texture”, “Smell”, or “Sound” (this would include reference to the name of the dish, or even the sound it makes as it is eaten)

We will spend some time in class sharing and editing the criteria so we can all agree.

At Home:

1. Now that you have your 2 ingredients, start researching recipes. Have fun figuring out how to create something unique, tasty, and aesthetically pleasing and smelling.

2. You will need to prepare the dish, name it, and bring everything necessary to plate it and serve it.

3. Your dish will be “tasted” not devoured, so it does not need to feed the entire class. 

4. IDEA: you might want to practice making and plating it at home so you have everything you need. Then try taking a photograph!

Due Date (Class Period 2):

1. On the date due (see below), you will need to bring everything needed to plate and serve your dish. You will also need to provide a card with the name of your dish and the 2 ingredients used. You are welcome to use the fridge in the Science Lab..I will arrange with Mr. Morrison. I don’t have a microwave, so if you need to heat something please arrange it with a teacher who has one ahead of time. As chef, you will be totally responsible.

2. Mrs. B will provide the criteria marking sheets, napkins, silverware, and drinks (and maybe some crackers to clean our palettes between tasting).

3. We will have fun tasting (in teams) the Savory and Sweet dishes, and judging them using the criteria you created. I might also film it! Then we’ll debrief using some TOK -related questions.


1. Choose 2 ingredients and incorporate both into dish

2. Practice making and plating dish

3. Name dish and create card for display

4. Bring everything you need on the date due

Due Dates:


TOK 3: TUES., FEB. 7


Resources to Help:

Describing Food and Wine (blocked at school)

Sensory Vocabulary Infographic

Over 101 Words to Describe Food

Dialogue describing food – what is “More-ish”?

Assessing Food Texture

IRON CHEF theme Ingredients List (in alpha order)

Science of the Kitchen : TEXTURE







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