Iron Chef Days

Here are some photos from our Iron Chef Days. I also tallied the people who received the most “5’s” for each of the categories and the winners are as follows:

Aesthetic Appeal: Maragret (TOK 7); Angie (TOK3); Corin (TOKINs)

Sound (name): Camille E (TOK 7); Taylor H. (TOK3); Momi (TOKINs)

Smell: Luke (TOK 7); Kari (TOK3); Kanani (TOKINs)

Taste: Luke (TOK 7); Cara (TOK3); Momi (TOKINs)

Texture: Devon (TOK 7); Johann (TOK3); Momi (TOKINs)



Period 3 pics

Period INS pics

Here is the Judging Ballot. This was created by asking partner groups to think of descriptive words for each of the senses.

Download this file


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