Planning Your TOK Presentation

As we embark on our first “stab” at the official TOK presentation, there are some helpful planning documents that will keep you on track. Remember that officially, a Planning Doc must be turned in via Managebac to the IB (we’ll go over this in class).

Basically, you will be asked to evaluate yourself and you will be evaluated by the TOK teacher. We’ll also add the “backchannelling” component via Twitter, so that members of the audience can give you feedback and become more engaged.

The planning doc includes these questions:

1. What is the real -life situation? (in this case, it will be a video or article related to Language as a Way of Knowing)

2. What are the knowledge issues or isse? (Must be in the form of an open-ended question)

3. How do you plan to deal with/ treat the knowledge issues?

Of course, there is much more to this, so I hope these will help.

Download this file

Download this file

Some Samples on YouTube 

Vegetarianism (film)

Ethical dilemmas- Video games (violent imagery and violent crimes)

Evaluating the Migration Model (subject area of Geog)


I’ve taken the liberty to copy and paste the instructions from the previous post:

PARTNER GROUP PRESENTATION (or alone if you wish): PERUSE the DIIGO and DELICIOUS LISTS of things I’ve curated about Language. CHoose ONE that seems interesting to you both and prepare a presentation for the class. You may use any sort of presentation tool such as Google Slideshow, PowerPoint, film, skit  Prezi, etc. ***Refer to the “Presentation” section in your TOK textbook, pp.276-281.  For MORE TIPS, SEE:

You should do the following in your presentation:

a. give us an overview of the article or video

b. identify at least 1 knowledge question or issue in the article or video (***should be in the form of an open-ended question, with the question about knowledge itself)

c. icorporate examples from personal life (knower’s perspective), or show clear personal involvement

d. discuss the implications of knowledge

e. show different perspectives and/or connections to other subjects (Areas of Knowledge) or Ways of Knowing – the linking questions above have some categories

f. try spend at least 10 minutes per person talking/presenting (that is a TOk requirement)

DUE DATES – be ready to present *please note that those on the MUN trip will need to go first!

***planning docs need to be uploaded to your blog by Friday, March 2, 5pm (periods 3 and INS), or Monday, March 5 , 9am (per. 7)

Per. 3: Monday, March 5

Per. 7: Tuesday, March 6

INS: Wed., March 7

Download this file



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