Summer Post #15: Great quotes from TEDGlobal2012

Lately I’ve been blogging for TEDxHonolulu and have collected some resources (including making 2 Storify media streams) based on the recent TEDGlobal2012, which took place in Scotland.

You can see my posts here:

Post 1

Post 2

Here are some particularly interesting sound bites from some of the speakers 

(full series HERE)- you can see the dialogue that follows as well



Summer Post #14: IDEA CHANNEL

I am sort of in love with these videos, just posted in June. Thoughts?





Summer Post #13: Chimbarazo! (or I Didn’t Know That)

Once again, TED veteran Rives (the guy who did the textspeak love story) wows us with another charming, humorus, but enlightening talk.

Here you go- and I dare you not to blurt out “Chimbarazo!” sometime today…


Summer Post #12: Know Your Emotion

Just an amusing poster I found on Tumblr that I thought relate to some of your Language presentations, as well as the Emotion unit. What is the artist really trying to say about society?


*by the way, this artist sells each face for $200 – see HERE