Summer Post #22: You Are Not So Smart

After reading this Brainpickings post “YOU ARE NOT SO SMART: A FIELD GUIDE TO THE BRAIN’S GUILE”, I was convinced I have to buy the book. It floated into my mailbox yesterday via Amazon and I can’t wait to devour it.


Check out the kinetic typography book trailer on the “PROCRASTINATION” part (towards the end of summer break I bet we are all thinking a bit about that).




“You must be adept at thinking about thinking…”

This next trailer is based on the chapter in the book called “The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy”



“When you desire meaning, when you want things to line up…you see patterns everywhere…”


I discovered that the author, David McRaney, has put together a lovely companion site with podcasts and videos about some of the concepts in his book- many of which are applicable to our upcoming Ways of Knowing unit on Reasoning.

Here’s the link:

Check out this sample about CONFIRMATION BIAS


The Misconception: Your opinions are the result of years of rational, objective analysis.

The Truth: Your opinions are the result of years of paying attention to information which confirmed what you believed while ignoring information which challenged your preconceived notions.




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