“I don’t believe that our current death industry works for us. Sure bodies get buried, bodies get cremated, things get done. But we are missing a transparency, missing an interaction with the reality of death. The knowledge of death is not for an elite group of professional technicians. That’s like saying the knowledge of love is for an elite groups of professional technicians. It is for everyone.”

Seeing that we are exploring ETHICS and TOK Essay Title #3 has to do with Ethical Responsibility and Knowledge, I thought I’d call upon my long-time neighbor (go Kaneohe!) and friend, YouTube Sensation Caitlin Doughty.

Caitlin works as a professional mortician and funeral director in LA, but she really comes to life (pardon the pun) in her witty YouTube videos in which she shares her knowledge of death and funeral practices freely to the unwashed masses.

She basically answers viewer questions with wit, humor, and intelligence and even consults “deathxperts” here and there.

Sometimes she gets some harsh criticism from peers in the field and others, as seen in this Huffington Post interview .

What I’ve asked Caitlin today is to create a special edition video just for our TOK class answer our questions concerning Ethics and her sharing of knowledge. Of course, feel free to pose any death-related queries too, but we primarily want to focus on her reasons for sharing this knowledge and the ethics behind what she does.

1. Please check out the following related links and her videos on her YouTube Channel (you won’t be sorry!) – be sure to check out viewer comments as well.

2. Go to our Diigo Group and find the topic “Ask a Mortician Ethics

3. Post your queries there. I’ll send them to her and she’ll send us back a video!


Caitlin’s Order of the Good Death BLOG

Caitlin on Twitter (she’s fun!)


Confessions of a Funeral Director

“So What Would You Ask a Mortician?”

To Live and Die in LA

Huffington Post: America’s (Kinda Dark) Sweetheart 


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