AOK Website Update

Hi all,

This is what your AOK website group needs to share with each other and me.

A. After you create a delegation doc in Google docs based on my template, you need to share it with everyone in the group (all classes) and Mrs.B

B. You should have decided on a digital space/ way to collaborate. Please share the link with everyone in the group (all classes) and Mrs. B. I had suggested Diigo, Facebook,, or Google docs.

C. You should have decided on a “point person” for every class section and indicate that on the delegation doc.

D. By next class, you should have decided on a template and create your site on Wix using the loggin : and burvalltok as the pass). Please use the following extensions for your URL:

Note: the above are not created yet. They will be created when you choose a template and hit “publish”. Wix will automatically give you the first part, but I am suggesting you put in the end as the name of your site, as I’d like to use this next year.


Planning Your TOK Essay

Now that you have (hopefully) brainstormed in Diigo about 2 of your favorite Essay Titles, it is time for you to start planning your essay.

We’ll be using the PLANNING DOC linked HERE and at the left-hand side menu.

There are some other important and helpful resources (see screen shot)

Please do Steps 1-6 of The “STEPS TO YOUR ESSAY” 

2 Great Resources:

Ric Sims is the Chief Deputy Assessor and my trainer for TOK. HERE ARE HIS GUIDELINES (includes timeframe)

also check out Tim Woods’ Top 10 Tips for Scoring High on the TOK Essay AND “How to Structure a TOK Essay” , and “How to Meet all TOK Essay Requirements”

You will be given class time in which to work on this AND your AOK Website delegation sheet. I’ll be in Canada presenting, but Mrs. Uherek will be your sub. At least try to complete in entirety PARTS 1 and 2.