Final Presentation: Individual, Free Choice Topic, Video

We have done 2 of 3 required TOK presentations thus far: one related to Language as a Way of Knowing and one related to Ethics as an Area of Knowledge.

Your final presentation will be INDIVIDUAL – that is, you will create a presentation by yourself and for a total of at least 10 minutes.

Since presenting orally takes a long time, we will be doing this one as a video (of any sort).

Choosing your topic: One suggestion is to choose an AOK or WOK you enjoy, then narrow in on one of the open-ended questions available on the Unit Plans (which can be accessed as files in ManageBac for this course).


– How has technology changed the functioning and role of the senses? (Sense Perception as a WOK)

– Can a machine have emotion? (Emotion as a WOK)

– How do stereotypes and prejudice relate to reason? (Reason as a WOK)

– What role does remix and mashup – collective creativity and transformation – play in the ARTS?

– Are humans the only species who make and appreciate ART (including music)? How do we know?

– How does LITERATURE (ARTS) help us understand human nature?

– How should HISTORY be taught?

– What does symmetry have to do with notions of beauty (MATH)?

– How has technology affected the NATURAL SCIENCES?

– How do HUMAN SCIENTISTS identify patterns in human behavior and what are the implications of understanding those patterns?

– Does History show we’ve made MORAL progress (ETHICS)?

Examples of types of videos (RSA animate-style, Common craft, stop-motion, voiceover with images or video clips, dramatic re-enactment, Vlogbrothers-style vlog, involvement of friends, etc.)

I’ve found a reasonable example, but will be collecting more:




Presentation Planning document: check Managebac or access the Google doc here:

Final Videos: Check Managebac

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