Library Databases

You can always go to the LJA website, click on “Educational Excellence”, then “Libraries”, then “MS/HS”, which takes you to the LJA library Wiki. There you will find the following databases which will be integral to your TOK and EE studies.

EBSCO: (log: lja; pass: bulldogs) – look for magazine articles (social, political, economic, scientific, and technology); also, there is a special section for Religion and Philosophy.

INFOTRAC: (log:lja; pass:bulldogs)- look for science articles and “Global Issues” and “Opposing Viewpoints” for TOK, especially

ABC CLIO: (log: lja; pass:bulldogs) – this is Mrs. B’s favorite!


Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas – Popular culture in America past and present

World Folklore and Folklife – Traces the origins and development folktales and folklore from of cultures around the world

Issues: Controversy & Society – in-depth exploration of how society shapes and is shaped by controversy

World History: The Modern Era – Offers a comprehensive library of historical reference materials

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