Steps to Your Essay

Refer to pages 281-296 in your Course Companion book for a step-by-step guide.

***be sure to look at the “Common Pitfalls” on page 294

Step 1: Narrow down your title choices to 2 and respond to the questions in the Diigo threads we set up.

Step 2: Read the Assessment Criteria / rubrics linked on this blog – they are directly from the IB and that is how you’ll be assessed. (remember you cannot change the title in any way and though the guidelines say 1200-1600 words, you should shoot for at least 1400)

Step 3: Peruse the web, your TOK blog  and your DP texts for resources. Take advantage of the “Prescribed Title Diigo Group” resources. Hopefully, you’ve tagged your blog so you can search for terms and posts that will assist you. Think about your work in other DP courses, and even look through your textbooks. You can even use Twitter as a search tool (it’s great!). Think about your CAS experience too!

Step 4: Collect and archive your Sources. You’ll probably want to start a Diigo list of your own so you can bookmark online sources, tag them, and even highlight them.

Step 5: Continue your original brainstorm. You can use paper or any brainstorming software (give a try). Pages 286-7 in your Course Companion offer a “3 Sweep Brainstorming strategy” with prompts to help you.

Step 6: Organize your ideas for writing (see pages 287-8 in Course Companion) ***at this time we will examine some graded essays for reference

Step 7: Complete Planning Document and Intro Paragraph (submit for review) – we will use the Essay Checklist and the 6 Steps to a Great TOK Essay as a basis.

Step 8: Write Draft 1 (see pages 288-96 in Course Companion)

Step 9: Receive feedback and revise your essay.

Step 10: Submit your final essay and take a breath (more info to follow)


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