Two TOKish Films Coming

There are 2 films coming out now (both sort of dystopian sci-fi) that I think would be a great connection to TOK.

The first is “Branded” (OFFICIAL WEBSITE – I love how they make you read QR codes!)

Wow, it’s like Matrix meets Marx.



The next is “Prototype”. The trailer mentions Ray Kurzweil and “The Singularity”.



Apes Will Rise – TOK extension activity

The new film “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, starring James Franco is a great TOK learning experience. There are so many TOK-worthy issues in this piece.

Here’s the official website

Movie times for Oahu

And a great review plus trailer from the Kurzweil blog, “Accepting Intelligence”


More Neuroscience…I.D. the K.I.s