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Presentation Planning: ETHICS

As we embark on our 2nd “stab” at the official TOK presentation, there are some helpful planning documents that will keep you on track. Remember that officially, a Planning Doc must be turned in via Managebac to the IB (we’ll go over this in class).

Basically, you will be asked to evaluate yourself and you will be evaluated by the TOK teacher. We’ll also add the “backchannelling” component via Twitter, so that members of the audience can give you feedback and become more engaged.

*Your presentation will be recorded.

The planning doc includes these questions:

1. What is the real -life situation? (in this case, it will be a video or article related to Language as a Way of Knowing) (see fro examples)

2. What are the knowledge issues or isse? (Must be in the form of an open-ended question) *Refer to the Ethics Unit Plan on this blog

3. How do you plan to deal with/ treat the knowledge issues?


Of course, there is much more to this, so I hope these will help.

Download this file

Download this file

Some Samples on YouTube  (not necessarily stellar)

Vegetarianism (film)

Ethical dilemmas- Video games (violent imagery and violent crimes)

Evaluating the Migration Model (subject area of Geog)

Not-So-Random Sources of Ideas

My Crowdsourced Document

or simply search Twitter…e.g.!/search/ethics

PARTNER GROUP PRESENTATION (or alone if you wish): 

PERUSE the Diigo and Delicious lists of things I’ve curated about Ethics nd Knowledge Issues (and this one from Mr. Ferlazzo). Choose ONE that seems interesting to you both and prepare a presentation for the class. You may use any sort of presentation tool such as Google Slideshow, PowerPoint, film, skit  Prezi, etc. 

***Refer to the “Presentation” section in your TOK textbook, pp.276-281.  For MORE TIPS, SEE:

***If you work with someone in another class, you need to arrange for them to be present in your class or vice versa (you need only give the preso once)

You should do the following in your presentation:

a. give us an overview of the article or video

b. identify at least 1 knowledge question or issue in the article or video (***should be in the form of an open-ended question, with the question about knowledge itself)

c. icorporate examples from personal life (knower’s perspective), or show clear personal involvement

d. discuss the implications of knowledge

e. show different perspectives and/or connections to other subjects (Areas of Knowledge) or Ways of Knowing – the linking questions above have some categories

f. try spend at least 10 minutes per person talking/presenting (that is a TOk requirement)


Download this file

DUE DATES (also in MB)

Planning doc dueSept 19 (J3);Sept. 24 (D7);Sept. 26 (N7) *or earlier if you wish

Presentations due (i.e. be ready to present): Oct.5 (J3); Oct. 11(D7); Oct. 13 (N7)

First Day of DP2

Welcome back! 

Hopefully you had a relaxing summer and are ready to go full force through January.


You should have completed your “Summer Expectations” (curation plus TED ED lesson). Please access this spreadsheet and paste the URL to your lesson there:


Here’s what we will be exploring in TOK II –

1 presentation (Ethics issue)

1 presentation (free choice)

TOK Presentation (choose 1 of 3 to submit by mid-January)

TOK essay (“prescribed title”) prep (questions are posted by IB Sept. 1)

TOK essay draft (by Dec.)

TOK essay finish (by end of Jan.)



Areas of Knowing: Arts, Maths, History, Natural Sciences, Human Sciences

***AOK will feature specific lessons, but also simultaneous independent exploration in specific groups responsible for curating and creating a web site, activities, and presentations.


In an effort to communicate more effectively we will try these strategies-

1. Sign up for REMIND101 (for text announcements and reminders)

2. Smaller “TOK tribes” within each that will serve as blog buddies and Google+ Hangout groups

3. More screencasting on my part

4. New TOK digital magazine (Themeefy) for parents

5. Idea board (“Hmmmm”- see video below)

6. Possible connection with an Australian school via Learnology

7. Participation in “dslja” and TILTOK in collaboration with Jim Groom’s ds106 at the University of Mary Washington and the Mulgrave School’s TOK class in Vancouver

8. Better use of Diigo accounts and collaborative annotations in Diigo (tutorials to follow)

9. More effective use of the backchannel (TodaysMeet and Twitter) during films /presentations/ discussions.

10. TOK YouTube Channel for archiving all TED talks and other videos seen in class.









For a synopsis of Mr. Fry’s video “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 18”, CLICK HERE (some amazing knowledge issues!)

***make your work “more fun than fun”




1. Make a group music video with the VIDRhythm App (I’ll upload to our YouTube). See this:

2. What’s Your Sentence? How would you define yourself in 1 sentence? Check out this video from Daniel Pink’s experiment:

or from the kids at Shanghai American school

3. VOX VISIO: Your Story in 3 Images – Thinglinked. Part of LJA’s goal with the Schools of the Future grant is to encourage student and faculty “VOICES”. While checking out the new tech tool Thinglink, which allows you to annotate images with hypermedia (making them “come alive”), I thought it would be interesting to see if we could distill our life, our story, our “us – ness” into 3 images, and then add media-based annotations (which could be vlogs, text, audio, etc.). And wouldn’t it be interesting to change them into QR codes and place them around campus so everyone could check out your story?

a. brainstorm with yourself or a partner what the 3 parts of your story are

– where you come from, or what makes you who you are

– where you are right now (perhaps something about your summer?)

– where you are headed (immediate or long-term visions of your future)

b. decide what 3 images you will use. (e.g. original or appropriated photography, hand-drawn or digital images that can be uploaded; paintings)

c. decide if you want to make 3 separate Thinglinks or merge the 3 images together in a photocollage program first (like photovisi , shapecollage , or picmonkey). ***Max size is 25MB!

d. Check out these resources on Thinglink


– Video: 

blog with samples and discussion of the QR code

e. Sign up – recommended: The EDU VERSION with your Twitter account…and start creating. Try to have AT LEAST ONE AUDIO / VIDEO- like a voiceover perhaps)

For an example check this out

f. A really cool QR generator is, which allows you to customize your QR codes like this, then use something like Qrafter on the ipad or iPhone to read it. 




Summer Post #20: “MORE”: a Lesson in Perception and Ethics

A friend sent me this award-winning short animation film. What do you think?

More from No name on Vimeo.