The 6 Thinking Hats – a Prezi

This Prezi is all about a concept called the “6 Thinking Hats”, which we might find useful this year.



What are “Linking Questions”? – a Prezi

Besides WOK (Ways of Knowing) and AOK (Areas of Knowledge), TOK asks you to pull in “Linking Questions”. What are they and how can they shape your investigations of knowledge?

Check out this Prezi:


Diigo Links and Prezi: “Knowledge Issues”

Here’s the Diigo Library link to helpful sites about recognizing and constructing Knowledge Issues:

A particularly handy blog stream showing how to develop K.I. questions:

For a great explanation/ dialogue of a student teasing out a KI from an issue:

Here’s my Prezi on the same subject:



Unit 1 and Nature of Knowledge Links on Diigo

Using this permalink you will have access to all my “Nature of Knowledge” links in my Diigo library.

Here’s my Prezi about Unit One: