Summer Post #14: IDEA CHANNEL

I am sort of in love with these videos, just posted in June. Thoughts?





Emotion + Technology: How We are Connected but Alone

“Technology proposes itself as the architect of our intimacies”

Concepts: “The Goldilocks effect” (connection made to measure); “The LifeMix”

“I WANT to have a feeling, therefore I need to send a text”

“I SHARE therefore I AM”

“If we don’t teach our children how to be alone, they will only know how to be lonely”..What happens when we don’t have the “capacity for solitude”?


Sherry Turkle from MIT describes how the technology that envelopes us keeps us connected but alone. We will be watching and discussing these videos and reading the article as a basis for a Socratic circle with Twitter.

2011 Tedx


2012 TedTalk


COMPANION ARTICLE: “The Flight From Conversation”

Thanks to Logan for finding this:





Rethinking Education Project

PROJECT: video blog (vlog) or movie (4-6 minutes for either) demonstrating your understanding of the changes in education, media and books, and the acquisition, transmission, collection, curation, and archiving of “knowledge” and information in the 21st century due to rapid technological change AND your vision for the future.  What will/should school, libraries, and work look like and be like? What will happen to our traditional means of gaining, sharing, and saving humanity’s knowledge? What are the implications?

SOURCES: “Knowing Knowledge” book (pdf); socratic Twitter archive; previous blog posts on libraries, harnessing world knowledge, etc.; this blog post; other resources you might find. You need to CITE SOURCES (at least 5)

***handy Diigo Lists:

“tech and society:

“Gutenberg parenthesis”:


Article: “My Teacher is an APP”

Article w/pics: “Defining the Designer Workspace” – may provide inspiration!

What do yout think of Miami’s iPrep Academy?

A Great site for Quotes and TOOLS to use to make video mashups

Here are 2 pdf files to check out: 21st century Schools and 21st century Libraries:

Download this file

Download this file

Father Guido’s 5 Minute University

Changing Education Paradigms (Sir Ken Robinson and RSA Animate)



Michael Wesch (Kansas State University Digital Enthnography)



Information Revolution (Wesch)


The Machine is US/ING Us (Wesch)


Watch Wesch discuss “THE MACHINE IS CHANGING US” (33 min)- YouTube and the Politics of Authenticity

We THINK (Charles Leadbeater’s book)


“Goodbye Knowledge Workers- Hello Insight Workers” (article)

Demanding Google 20% time at school? (article)

iClasse – How one MOntreal company envisions Schools of the Future

Secret Powers of Time (scroll to about 5 minutes for the school part)



Why do 60% of students find their lectures BORING? (article)

Where have all the Geniuses Gone? (Wired Magazine article)

Where do Good Ideas Come From? What kinds of patterns and environments are needed?


Wonders of Wolfram- building a “Knowledge Engine”

What IS Wolfram Alpha? And what does it have to do with Apple’s new “Siri“?

The “goal” on the website is to democratize knowledge, or “make all the world’s knowledge systematically computable and accessible”.

Let’s check out Stephan Wolfram’s TED talk about Wolfram Alpha.



Introducing CDF- Interactive Online Documents (“today’s online documents are like yesterday’s paper – flat, lifeless, inactive”) Here’s a VIDEO about authoring CDF apps.

Can a program be creative? musical? Let’s find out:


First watch the INTRO

Access Wolfram Alpha HERE

Examples by Topic

10 Cool things to do with Wolfram/Siri

Check out the interesting lesson plans on the educators portal – what do you think?

1. Try to explore your EE topic using Wolfram Alpha- provide an example, post to blog

2. Do a frivolous comparison or other kind of search – post to blog.

3. Ask at least 2 “knowledge issue” questions related to this tool and the goals of the company (post to blog)

4. Be sure to follow Stephan and Conrad on Twitter- if you feel daring, ask them a relevant question (I heard from a friend of theirs Conrad will more likely answer). Let us know!


On Twitter:





Check out their blog: “Community Newsletter” for what is new

Here’s Conrad’s TEDx talk in Brussels “I Calculate, Therefore I Am” (he actually poses a lot of “Knoweldge Issue” questions in this, including “Is it Cheating to use W. A. in Math homework?”)