TOK Course Tools

TOK Course Tools

Throughout this course we will use a variety of tools for course management andcreation.

Examples (not exhaustive)

– Posterous blogging platform (individual and class blog spaces)

– ManageBac (recording grades / posting assignments – all linked back to blog)

– Remind101 (communication via text)

– email (with school Google Acct)

– Twitter (for research and backchannelling)

– TodaysMeet (for backchannelling)

– Diigo (social bookmarking and collaboartive annotation)

– Screencast tools (Quicktime, Explain Everything, Screenr, Screenchomp)

– Tridacer (for brainstorming and social polling)

– Google Docs (for spreadsheets, forms, etc.)

– Prezi (presentation tool)

WIX (web site creation)

– dslja and TILLTOK blogs (for creation and participation in a learning community)

– YouTube (for annotating, posting, and viewing videos)

– iMovie or WeVideo (video creation)

– Themeefy (digital newspaper)

– TED ED (for lesson creation)

– Thinglink (hypermedia images)

– Learnology site (for collaboration with an Australian school)

– Socrative (for instant response via mobile device)

– smartphones or iPads (for recording for vlogs, etc.)

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